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    December 29, 2016

    6 Steps First Aid Patients with Shortness of Breath

    Asthma or known Shortness of breath is one type of disease that occurs in the respiratory tract and can strike suddenly. However, the disease is shortness of breath sometimes arise when the air is cold. Sometimes asthma or shortness of breath is often underestimated, but whereas if the disease is not treated quickly, the disease can be severe and even lead to death.
    Asthma or shortness of breath is a disease closely related to the respiratory tract. The disease is caused by the narrowing of the respiratory tract or due to inflammation.
    At the time of asthmatics know asphyxiation under attack suddenly, then the need for treatment or help directly, for it is important for us to know how or what steps we can do to provide relief in patients with shortness of breath stricken abruptly ,
    Here are the first six steps you can take immediately to help people who are short of breath, among others:

    First: When you meet people who experience shortness of breath suddenly, then take the person to a quiet place so that he can rest and regulate breathing.

    Second: Help the patient in order to half sit and lean his shoulder with a pillow or anything. Keep the patient is not in a state of sleep as this will aggravate the situation.

    Third: The warm water can help the person's condition in order to become better. Because warm water is excellent in helping warm the chest and helps the course of breathing

    Fourth: Do massage is slowly on the big toe of the patient.

    Fifth: If you already know some of the steps that can be done when a friend or relative you experience shortness of breath sudden then you also have to be more calm in the face of a friend or anyone you meet.

    Sixth: If all the above steps you have done but yet patient no progress immediately take the patient to the doctor.
    Thus 6 The First Step In Helping People Shortness of Breath, this method is very useful in order to rescue immediately for in shortness of breath. may be beneficial.

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