• First aid to the rescue when in case of emergency

    December 11, 2016

    First Aid for Poisoning Victims

    Food poisoning is very easily occur if not careful in storing or cooking food. In addition, materials such as household cleaners or detergents also contain chemicals that are harmful if swallowed. To that end, poisoning victims need to be addressed immediately.

    Immediately call a paramedic or take the victim to the nearest hospital. Also include information on the age, type of poison is ingested, how much poison is ingested, when the event occurred, the victims experienced vomiting or not and how long it takes to bring the victim to the hospital.

    Emergency treatment can be given to victims of poisoning include:

    1. Reduce the levels of poison still in the stomach by giving the victim drink water or milk as soon as possible.
    Do not give fruit juice or vinegar to neutralize the poison.

    2. Try to remove toxins by stimulating the victim to vomit.

    3. Try to throw the victim face down with his head bowed lower than his body so as not to choke.

    4. Bring immediately to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.

    5. Do not give drinks or trying to regurgitate the contents of the victim's stomach when he was unconscious. Do not try to spit it out if it does not know what poison is swallowed.

    6. Do not try to spew victim when ingesting materials such as toilet cleaners, stainless liquid, bleach, detergent, gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner and lighter fluid.

    The acid will cause more damage in the stomach or esophagus if vomited. While fuel spewed product can enter the lungs and cause pneumonia.

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