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    December 29, 2016

    First Aid in patients nosebleeds are True

    Nosebleed or nose bleed caused by several factors, such as trauma due to blow the nose area, irritation of the nasal mucous membrane caused by people trying to pull something over and over from the nasal cavity, because of their allergy and because of the infection. Nosebleeds condition is rare, but for some people (allergy sufferers), can be many times nosebleeds even with no obvious cause.

    Most nosebleeds or bleeding that occurs in children is not harmful. However, if the nosebleed occurs in older people or adults, can be a serious problem and should immediately get medical attention.If you or someone around you who suffered a bloody nose or a nosebleed, immediately do the following steps:

    Ask the person to nosebleeds to sit relax with body position leaning forward. Let the mouth remains open, with the aim of closing the blood is not breathing.

    Pinch the nose at the bottom of the nasal bone on the top part for 15 minutes, then release it slowly.Do not let the victim mucus, and if bleeding persists, push the nose again for 5 minutes and make sure the victim does not swallow blood coming out of his nose. This is because it can trigger nausea and vomiting.

    Take a damp cloth or wrap ice in a cloth with a cloth, then put on the victim's nose and face, with the aim of narrowing the blood vessels.

    If the bleeding continues and there are indications of fracture, immediately brought to the emergency care unit for medical examination.

    Summary:Nosebleed is caused due to the conflict, irritation of the nasal mucous membranes, infection or allergy,Blood stop nosebleeds can be done by pressing the nose or nasal compress with ice

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