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    December 20, 2016

    First in the World, Women's Undergo Surgery Burns with Skin Fish

    A gas cylinder explosion makes Maria Ines Candido da Silva (36) of the city Russas, Brazil, experienced fairly serious burns. Hands, neck, and face second-degree burns natural cause tremendous pain.

    "I'm really in a sense of pain and desperate to do anything to alleviate penderitakan me," Maria told The Sun and quoted on Tuesday (12/20/2016).

    At that time, incidentally a study is underway to seek treatment of burns inexpensive and effective in the Dr. José Frota Institute Burns Unit. Doctors then offers to Maria an experimental therapy with skin burns close tilapia.

    Tilapia itself is a general term for hundreds of freshwater fish belonging to the family Cichlidae. Examples of tilapia popular in Indonesia such as tilapia fish or tilapia.

    Prior to use the team has to process the fish skin by removing scales, tissue, toxins, and other things that can increase the risk of disease. Typical fishy smell of fish have been removed so all that remains is a layer that can be used instead of plaster.

    The advantages to using fish skin is in addition to close the wound, it is also flexible enough so as to facilitate moving the patient.

    For the case of Maria for 11 days the doctor let the fish skin attached. Then after that with the help of a doctor lubricant slowly lifted.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Edmar Maciel involved in the development of therapeutics said tilapia skin is used because it contains collagen type 1 and high humidity. Both are important factors in the treatment of burns because it can give the patient's skin condition and nutrients needed to recuperate.

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