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    December 23, 2016

    Here Signs You Have Kidney Problems

    One of the diseases that come often do not realize is kidney failure. As is generally known, the kidneys have important benefits for the body. Kidney function to filter toxins in the body, cell production and helps the formation of vitamin D in the body. Kidney function is important is what causes these organs greatly affect the health of the body.

    Ladies, here is a sign if you kidney problems. Let's see explanation of vemale following so that you can prevent the danger of kidney failure. Here we go!

    Urinating NoncurrentOne sign if you're troubled kidney is a change in urinary function, which causes urination is not smooth. You frequent urination and dark urine. If you have severe urine mixes with blood.

     Swelling AgencyIf there are problems with the kidneys several parts of the body will be swollen. Among others, stomach and legs. This is because the kidneys are not functioning properly, which resulted in the weakening of the body's metabolic system. Resulting in the accumulation of fluid in the body, so the body becomes swollen. 

    Easy TiredAlthough the move was not crowded but you easily feel tired. This is because the production of erythropoietin declines. This hormone functions to assist the production of red blood cells. Shortage of red blood cells can cause the body to become easily tired for no apparent reason. 

    Experiencing Frequent NauseaNausea accompanied by fever may be you experiencing kidney failure. Nausea because your digestive tract is not smooth, because there was interference on renal function. Nausea is also caused because the kidneys can not filter toxins that enter the body. 

    Low Back painIf you experience lower back pain and thighs could be because your kidney problem. Cramps in your back and spread from the back up to the groin, it could be caused by impaired renal function.

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