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    December 20, 2016

    First Aid If Body Less Oxygen While Hiking

    Located at an altitude with little oxygen can lead to hypoxic conditions, ie when the body lacks oxygen supply. The mountaineers have to recognize the signs, as well as how to cope if you have the condition, which is blurred vision, breathing more rapidly or wheezing, as well as the body becomes weak.

    Aside from the physical symptoms, hypoxic conditions also can be recognized from changes in behavior. In hypoxic conditions, the brain will also be deprived of oxygen so that the mindset of a climber turn into chaotic and difficult to make the right decision.
    First aid when these conditions include:

    1. Provide oxygen. Small oxygen tube that can be carried anywhere very easily available in pharmacy at affordable prices, so there is no harm in the climbers equip themselves with these tools.

    2. Loosen clothing so that breathing becomes more smoothly. Collar open and the belt is removed so that the airways are not congested.

    3. Bring to a lower location as soon as possible in order to get more oxygen from the breathing air. The longer are in hypoxic conditions, the greater the risk of organ damage because there was no oxygen supply.

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