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    STEM CELL Therapy is a recent buzz on the Western and Eastern medicine. In addition the results were amazing, the percentage of success is also quite high. Already thousands of people who have experienced the awesomeness of this therapy. A patient who has a dozen years now paralyzed walk again. Some are already dozens of years of diabetes, recovered. There is also a stage 4 Cancer patients recover after undergoing STEM CELL THERAPY


    Stem Cell is functioning stem cells to form new cells.

    There are several types of Stem Cell, including the Adult Stem Cell and Embryonic Stem Cell.

    Adult Stem Cell is the adult stem cells, meaning that already has a specific function and is only able to form some kind of a party cells alone (multipotent), for example, Stem Cell Heart can only form the heart muscle cells, smooth muscle and endothelial cells. Using Adult Stem Cell Therapy has been used for decades, but Because the cost is very expensive and very complicated procedure, not many patients the opportunity to undergo this therapy.Embryonic Stem Cells are stem cells (stem cells), which is the embryo or early cells that proliferate to form all organs of the living body (pluripotent). Stem Cell is what continually divide, forming fetus which then born as a baby. Embryonic Stem Cell is abundant in placenta or placentas in newborns. Now many young couples are saving Placenta newborns at Bank Placenta Singapore and Jakarta. Although the cost of storage and use is very expensive, many young couples who use this facility because when the baby is growing up and exposed to a deadly disease, then the baby Placenta therapy can be used for healing, and until now the success rate was 100%.

    Through various methods of research conducted by experts Stem Cell. now began to do research on the use of animal Placenta, namely Placenta rats, rabbits, horses, dogs, cats, sheep and others as material Stem Cell Therapy. In fact, there are already some Placenta animals that have been used and produced massive as Stem Cell Therapy material, including Placenta Rabbit, Sheep and deer. It is undeniable that the use Placenta Stem Cell Therapy animals have been shown to be able to overcome a wide range of deadly diseases, especially degenerative diseases (associated with a decrease in organ function). However, in applying the precautionary principle, the researchers still continue to do further research if there is a dangerous side effect in the use of these animal Placenta.In the study proved that the Deer Placenta Embryonic Stem Cell is the best material because:

    Cells from Deer has a level of similarity that comes closest to human cells and animal cell quality of deer is the best

    Did you know that deer are the only mammals that do not have the gall? (We need to know that bile serves to neutralize toxins enter the body yamg). So the deer have a unique way so that no toxins that enter the body. In this case rusalah tail that serves to detect whether the food that will be eaten toxic or not. It can be concluded that the entire body free of toxins deer. This is the reason why almost all parts of the body proved very efficacious deer.

    Deer also are the only mammals that can regenerate the missing organ, Proven that deer antlers cut will grow back, while the goat horns clipped will not grow back.At first the method used in Stem Cell Therapy and Transplantation This is a method of injecting, but Due to the use of this method requires a high cost (expensive) and a complicated procedure so now developed a method using a capsule Oral much cheaper and safer for the patient. Although the method of Oral able to achieve similar results with the method of injection / transplantation, but it takes a longer time for the healing process is complete, which is approximately 6 months compared WITH syringes that require a shorter time. Meanwhile transplant method requires a much shorter time.

    Through Stem Cell Therapy, an organ that has been damaged due to pollution, the wrong diet and lifestyle that is not healthy and the side effects of chemical drugs are constantly consumed restored with the inclusion of stem cells - stem cells healthy new will forming new cells continuously and replaces the function of the cells of organs that have been damaged.degenerative diseaseStem Cell Therapy is a very powerful therapy to cope with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, diabetes mellitus, particularly Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM), atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and many other degenerative diseases. Even experts say that the Stem Cell Therapy is the best therapy to cope with this degenerative disease. 

    DIABETESDiabetes is a disease caused by a lack of insulin produced by glands Pancreas. This indicates that the Pancreas gland is not functioning normally as it should. The decline in the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin due to a number of cells in the Pancreas damaged or unhealthy. Pancreas in order to function normally again, it is necessary to repair the cells that are less healthy and replacement of new cells replace the cells that have been damaged earlier. Stem Cell Therapy is able to regenerate cells that have been damaged earlier so gradually pancreas can return to function normally. 

    HEARTThere are several reasons why a person affected by Heart Disease. Which occurred because of damaged heart cells or less healthy, so the ability of heart to pump blood is reduced or weakened. Thus the blood circulation to substandard and often a complication of other diseases. Through Stem Cell Therapy heart cells that have been damaged are replaced with new cells. Stem cells are inserted, constantly forming new cells, so that gradually the heart healthy and able to function normally

    PURTIERPURTIER is Deer Placenta, equipped with 7 nutritional merit more (Aloe Vera, Xanthones, Squalene, Borage Oil, Marine Collagen, Evening Primrose Oil, Avocado Oil) which is the result of research of more than 15 years in the Clinical and Laboratory Top in New Zealand, manufactured using advanced encapsulation technology, protected with nitrogen so alive in Deer Placenta capsules and can last up to 4 years.  

    When drunk, the capsule does not melt in the acidic stomach, but will melt the alkaline small intestine. Thus almost 100% Deer Live Cell can be absorbed and spread throughout the body via the blood. (Health food in general use ruptured capsule in the stomach so that the benefits dihasilkanpun only make up 10% of the properties should be).  

    The organs of the body in question will give a signal to the cell so that the cell smart smart this will be the signal responds and starts to work to replace the function of cells that have been damaged. In the heart of these cells to form heart cells, brain cells in this form brain cells, these cells form in the kidneys Kidney cells, in this Pancreassel form Pancreas cells, in muscle cells formed muscle cells, these cells in bone forming cells Tulangdsb. This is the explanation why PURTIER able to overcome a wide range of deadly diseases, such as heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney, Lung-Pasu, Liver, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, leukemia, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Down's Syndrome, Ankylosing spondylitis, Epilepsy, Autism, osteoporosis etc. 

    CONCLUSION:STEM CELL THERAPY is a therapy that directly improve the source of the problem from an illness, while the other therapy is generally only able to prevent that the disease does not develop further and reduce the suffering of the patient. Another therapy methods generally have side effects that are not less dangerous with the disease at earlier therapy and adverse general health of the patient, while STEM CELL THERAPY proven to minimize the risk of side effects up to 0%. Dihasilkanpun cure rate is more permanent. In the end, man can only attempt, but God, too, who determines all that happens.   

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